I want help for a sexual assault that happened in the last seven days

After any form of sexual abuse, it’s your choice, whether you see a healthcare professional or not. At the Cambridge Clinic you are in control every step of the way. 

It’s normal to feel scared and anxious about asking for help, but it is a good idea to see someone as soon as possible. Our team are highly trained, and with care and compassion, and absolutely no judgement, we will make sure you are OK, and deal with any health concerns you have. 

If you’ve already talked with the police, or are considering talking to them about your options, you can choose to have a forensic assessment. This is where a specially trained doctor collects evidence which may be used in a criminal investigation. It’s best to have evidence collected and receive medical care as soon as possible after the sexual assault, however, it can sometimes be done up to seven days afterwards.

There are lots of ways to get help from us after
a recent sexual assault 

Ask the police to refer you.

Talk to us at the Cambridge Clinic

03 366 0067 (24/7 for urgent requests)

Or complete the online callback request form (Please note this service is only monitored during daytime hours)


Phone the Sexual Assault Support Service Canterbury (SASSC) 24/7 Helpline.


Ask the Safe To Talk Sexual Harm Hotline to refer you to us

Ask your GP, Family Planning Clinic, or Sexual Health Clinic to refer you.

Ask the hospital, or an after-hours clinic to refer you.

Ask Oranga Tamariki (Previously known as CYFs) to refer you.

Get help now

The quickest way to get an assessment after a recent sexual assault is to contact Christchurch Police urgently on 03 363 7400 and discuss your options with them.

Firstly the police will discuss your options with you, including a referral to the Cambridge Clinic for care and health support.  If you want it, a police investigation may follow. But you can also decide you don’t want further police action. You are in control every step of the way.

How to get help if the police are not involved?

We accept phone calls from anybody. We know how hard this is, so if you do not feel up to it, get somebody else to phone the Cambridge Clinic on
03 366 0067
We provide urgent medical and forensic services 24 hours a day.

If you are outside of the Canterbury or West Coast regions, the SAATSLink website will help you find your nearest sexual assault medical service.


You have choices after a sexual assault

    You choose to have our caring team do a forensic assessment and talk to the police about your options.


    If you are unsure about talking to the police, that’s ok too. We can do the forensic assessment, but instead of giving this evidence to the police we can safely store it for you until you have decided what you want to do.

    You can choose to have a medical assessment only, but not involve the police.

    We offer you these services after a sexual assault


      1. Forensic assessment (gathering evidence for the police)

      2. Medical assesment

      3. Emergency contraception

      4. Screening and preventative treatment for sexually transmitted infections

      5. Immediate crisis support (refuges/safe accommodation)

      6. Referral to other support services (counselling, support groups, court support services and ACC)

      This video from New Zealand Police outlines what happens at an assessment after a recent sexual assault.