Patient Experience

At the Cambridge Clinic, all of our staff endeavour to make what can be a difficult process, as comfortable and straightforward as we can. We understand that it can be challenging to talk about what has happened and the thought of undergoing an examination daunting. However, feedback we have received from our patients indicates that we are meeting our goal to provide a patient friendly service, with staff that are gentle and understanding.


‘I was a little nervous to attend the Cambridge Clinic. The staff were friendly, the doctor was kind and respectful, quick and efficient, but very gentle with it. There is nothing to fear and for peace of mind it’s absolutely worth it.’

‘I’m so glad I came here. Otherwise I would have just sat at home over thinking everything.’

‘I didn’t want to have to talk about it again, but you both made this so easy, thank you so much’

‘The nurse was really nice, she held my hand.’

‘I was raped. I went to the Cambridge Clinic, the doctor was really really nice to me.’

‘I feel so much better, like a weight is off my shoulders by talking about it to you.’  

‘Thank you for being so kind and so supportive to my daughter “


We ensure that the patient maintains in control at all times throughout the process, and work within the confines of what the patient is comfortable with, whilst striving to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Some of our patients have reported that as well as satisfying their health and forensic needs they have also found the process beneficial to their mental wellbeing.

If you have received care from the Cambridge Clinic and would like to send us anonymous feedback to help improve our service please use the form found here.